Google Instant Search Is Now Dead!

Google Instant Search Is Now Dead!

Google Instant Search Is Now Dead!

The tech giant Google has announced in the last hours two major changes in web search engines. Specifically, they have to do with the search function in the mobile website of the search engine. The first has to do with the disappearance of Instant Search, and the second is the playback of videos automatically.

Instant Search disappears because it no longer makes sense

The tech giant Google removed the Instant Search option. It offered real-time search results as we write on the search bar. The issue is that, according to Google, most users now use cell phone, where this option no longer makes sense. Therefore, they have decided to eliminate the function, which normally already generated discomfort also among computer users.

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Instant Search had been in Google since 2010 when the company advertised it as a feature that would revolutionize the search and reduce the time users took to make them. After its elimination, Google has stated that they will focus their efforts on improving the search engine in other aspects. Recently, Google announced BBR, which manages to reduce the time it takes to load web pages.

Despite eliminating Instant Search, the autocomplete function will still exist. Users will probably not notice much of a difference since most (including myself) prefer to finish writing what we are looking for before we stop, wait for the temporary results to load, and see if they fit our search. So, that many users turned off Instant Search for being more of an obstacle than a help.

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Google videos now play automatically

And speaking of features that no one has asked, Google has included a new feature for the Google Search application. This new option allows videos to be played automatically. This option does not currently work with all videos, and it is limited to movie trailers and does not even work with all of them. With Justice League or Transformers The Last Knight does work, but with Dunkirk or Spider-Man Homecoming not worked.

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Playback of videos starts automatically after a few seconds of charging, but in silence. If we play in the video, it will already start playing with sound. The playback is done, therefore, within the application itself via HTML5, without having to go to the YouTube application.

The tech giant Google will be working on gradually implementing this option for the most relevant results of each film, in order for the algorithm to detect that the video that is automatically loaded is the one directly related to our search.

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This function partially resembles that found on YouTube, which a few days ago began to include in its new design the reproduction of small fragments of the video in the thumbnail as a preview, which is really comfortable to not even have to open the video.

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