Here’s The List Of Best Apps To Make Money On Android

Here's The List Of Best Apps To Make Money On Android

Here’s The List Of Best Apps To Make Money On Android

Want to make some extra money easily from your Android? If the answer is yes, pay attention to the apps that we show below since with them you can do it in the simplest way possible.

Obviously, no one gives away the money for anything. In most of these apps, you get paid for answering surveys, viewing ads, videos or testing apps and games on your device, something you probably already do without charging a penny for it. Why not take advantage to earn some money with your Android?

Obviously, you will not make big money with these apps, but you will earn enough to buy some new games from time to time or to redeem your winnings for discount vouchers at major online retailers.

In this selection of the best applications to make money on Android, we will show you some of the best options to squeeze every milliampere of the battery of your smartphone to get the most benefit from it.

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1. Tapporo (Make Money)

We started our selection of the best applications to make money on Android with Tapporo, an app with which you can make money from your smartphone easily and quickly.

The primary purpose of this app serves as an intermediary between advertisers who pay for their ads to appear or their apps are downloaded, and viewers who collect part of that money for the time they spend watching that ad or using the app to promote.

Tapporo is the mobile version of a previous web project called GiftHulk with which it shares its essence, but adapting to the new mobile platforms. The system of rewards of Tapporo consists of adding the points that you get to interact with the actions proposed by the different advertisers.

Each certain amount of these points is equivalent to a cash value that you can redeem in PayPal, Bitcoins or in the form of Amazon or Google Play gift cards and much more. One of the virtues of Tapporo is that the minimum collection limit is quite low, and can start charging from 5,000 points, which is equivalent to 5 dollars.

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2. CashPirate – Make & Earn Money

CashPirate is one of the most popular apps to make money from your Android.

To earn your salary with this app you will need to download certain applications, try free games, invite your friends to fill in surveys, try products and samples, watch videos, etc. A whole range of activities that make the use of CashPirate anything but boring.

The more actions you perform, the greater the reward that will be reflected in your account in the form of pirate coins. The coins you accumulate as you meet goals can be redeemed in the form of cash through PayPal, mobile recharge or gift card from some of the top online retailers.

CashPirate can be one of the most entertaining ways to get an economic performance for your smartphone, just to try some games or apps and watch some videos. Something you are sure to do daily and for free.

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3. quack! messenger

What would you say if someone suddenly offered to pay you for chatting with your friends?

That’s exactly what Quack! Messenger does. It pays you for chatting from your Android!

The popularly known as “WhatsApp that pays you”, is a unique invention that uses a messaging app similar to WhatsApp as the basis for an advertising platform in which it pays its users to see a series of banners of ads and videos in a part of your screen while chatting with your friends.

Since these banners and videos only occupy a part of the screen, it is not too complicated to have a conversation with any of your friends, while the balance of your income account does not stop climbing.

The main drawback you can find to make money while chatting is that the rest of your contacts also want to use this app to communicate with each other, otherwise ads will not be displayed and, therefore, you will not win anything.

The app itself incorporates a section that details what you earn each day and shows a history to control your balance of benefits.

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4. Google Opinion Rewards

Google controls the largest advertising platform on the Internet, so it is not crazy to think that sooner or later would make its foray into these types of apps with which it pays to use its smartphone to answer some questions.

Google Opinion Rewards offers a certain amount of money in exchange for answering a series of test questions based on your consumption habits, places you visit, etc.

This app will send quizzes to you as requests from your user profile arise from advertiser companies, so you will not have to be answering questionnaires constantly. Everything will depend on your activity.

Therefore, if you have the location of your device activated, and you walk around commercial areas or large areas, you may receive more surveys than another user who does not. This will directly affect the chances of making money with your Android.

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