6 Unique Features And Superpowers Of Google Pixel 2

6 Unique Features And Superpowers Of Google Pixel 2

6 Unique Features And Superpowers Of Google Pixel 2

With the new Pixel 2, the tech giant Google has introduced a number of features that make it more special. The system itself, Android Oreo, has a differentiated integration with Google Assistant, in addition to features that have been optimized for this version, such as a new Always-On Display. Hence, I have separated six unique features that you’ll only find in the new Google Pixel 2 smartphones.

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1. Always-On Display that recognizes music

The tech giant Google worked on a new version of Pixel Launcher for Pixel 2, which removed the app’s dock and took the search bar to the bottom of the home screen. Incidentally, the Google search widget is more customizable. There is also a new Always-On Display mode, which is able to recognize any ambient music that is playing without the need to unlock the screen.

2. The best non-dual camera in the market

The Pixel 2 reached the market and were right to the top of the ranking of the DxOMark website, specialized in analyzing lenses of professional cameras and cell phones. What’s more interesting is that the model was ahead of handsets with the famous dual cameras that promise to deliver photos with more quality and effects, such as the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8. The score obtained was 98 points, the highest so far.

Of course, you can go to Google Assistant and ask her to recognize the song for more information to appear. But automatic preview with Always-On Display preview is already a rather exclusive and fun feature.

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3. The first with Google Lens

From the main camera, the new Pixel 2 can recognize scenes, objects, drawings and display more details about them. As Google Lens is a very interesting revolution and is not limited to product labels. Records of books, films, games, and statues are just a few examples of recognition that Lens is able to make.

4. Figurines of AR

We have reached the age of Augmented Reality. Soon, the tech giant Google developed the Pixel 2 so that the AR was fully integrated with the system. One of the examples are the interactive figures that can interact with any real environment, such as those demonstrated in the Pixel 2 event with Star Wars characters. There is a platform created by the tech giant Google for developers to perfect and create apps and games that interact in AR.

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5. Unlimited Upload in Maximum Quality for Google Photos

Well, in fact, this feature is not exclusive to Pixel 2 devices. That’s because unlimited high-resolution storage started with the first Google Pixel. However, looking at the other Android smartphones on the market, we do have a feature with some exclusivity. In addition to unlimited photo storage, Pixel 2 owners can upload 4K video to the cloud at full resolution.

6. Long life to the king

The Pixel 2 devices are the first models that have gained survival through the hands of the tech giant Google with regard to system updates. These models will be upgraded for 3 years, not just 18 months as with most devices on the market. So, which manufacturer will create this rule?

So, what feature of Pixel 2 attracts your more attention? Which one do you want on your Android? Share your opinions in the comment section below. And if you liked this article then simply do not forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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