Scientists Discover How To Upload Knowledge To Your Brain

Scientists Discover How To Upload Knowledge To Your Brain

Scientists Discover How To Upload Knowledge To Your Brain

For the first time in history, a group of scientists was able to intervene the process of learning the brain through patterns of brain induction to generate a learned behavior. In other words, it will be possible to learn things and be a more educated type without even doing something to learn, because knowledge will be “injected” into your brain. Much like the Matrix.

Scientists at HRL Laboratories in California are developing technology to install transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) information and skills. Researchers have found that electrical signals can be sent to the brain to speed up learning and activate retention ability.

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The technique has already been proven in pilot apprentices. First, they studied the electrical signals of an expert pilot and then reproduced them in the novices while they were in a lesson inside a flight simulator. Volunteers who received stimulation improved their skills and learning by 33% more than the placebo group.

“When you learn something new, your brain changes physically. Connections are generated and strengthened through a process called neuroplasticity” explains Dr. Matthew Phillips, principal investigator.

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According to Phillips, when the brain is stimulated to copy the connections of someone who already has some knowledge, learning is facilitated.

The system still needs to be refined to be as effective as the Matrix, but Phillips believes that this technology will adapt to our routine and be part of the classroom. It also ensures that it can be used to learn how to drive, prepare for exams and master new languages.

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